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Jarosław Kruk about polish military industry


He has been a Legal advisor since 1997. From 2000 till 2010 he was a partner and a manager of Kruk Pasierbiak Wasilewski & Partners law firm. Now he is a managing partner of the Kruk & PartnersLaw Firm, established in 2010 by him and his team.

He is known and highly valued expert in the defense sector and the state security, military equipment purchases, offset as well as public, utilities and defense procurement. He has gained his experience and practice while working a few years for the Law Department of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration as well as managing the law support outsourcing for the needs of the Department of Offset Programs of the Ministry of Economic Affairs from 2007 to 2010.

He is a specialist in implementing compliance programs – procedures allowing preventing and minimalizing business malpractices and irregularities. His main field of expertise is consulting the issues of revealing and preventing business crimes and corruption, especially the issues of “corporate crimes”, “white collar crimes”, and “anti-money laundering”.

He is highly experienced in the field of damage compensation and embezzled assets recovery both in Poland and abroad.

He also executes big international transactions such as Polish companies acquisition by a foreign capital. He also specializes in intergenerational assets transfers , which is difficult in Poland due to incomplete law regulations.

He has been rewarded by Who’s Who Legal in the category of best lawyers working on assets recovery.

He publishes many opinion-forming articles regarding the military industry on his blog www.defenceioffset.pl. These articles are also published by the Polish prestigious portal of the military industry – www.defence24.pl.

He is also a regular publicist of the International Law Office – White Collar Crime Newsletter for Poland.

He is a member of the International Bar Association.

He displays personality traits necessary for practicing the legal profession and managing the law firm. He is a composed person but a good decision-maker. In his free time he practices diving and free-diving.

Legal adviser, Manging Partner at KW Kruk and Partners Law Firm
Legal aspects of aviation sector