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On January 29, 2013 the Government Information Center released a brief communique that until March 31, 2013 the Council of Ministers would decide on the shape of the Polish defense industry. Early announcements foreshadowedstrategic decisions regarding the Polish defense industry to be taken at a session on that day. This situation reveals the bulldogs’ fight under the carpet, in fact “they” have been fighting for a few months now.

Bumar is the first player, supported by the Ministry of Treasury and -so – far also by the Ministry of Economy. According to the valid conception from the year 2007, the entire defense industry owned or controlled by the State including science & research centers and trading companies is to be concentrated around Bumar. This is expected to give rise to the national defense company under a different name – Anders, which is likely to be positively received on the world markets. Bumar, unfortunately, is not associated with reliability. The other player, in turn, is HutaStalowaWola(HSW) including all WPRPs. There are plans to consolidate them all with HSW. Thus, the National Defense Company with all WZLs s and Zielonka is to be formed.

Automatically the following question arises: what is the aviation establishment for in the defense company?

The Ministry of National Defense strongly favours this project, especially one energetic general, whose pseudonym is to be used to name the company. I think this project will win. In the coming days we are expecting a massive attack on Bumar. HSW consortium has gained at least twenty swords in the  Sejm, and is gaining further support and allies. In fact, the conception is right, because it will be more useful to have two strong centers than oneself-satisfied quasi-monopoly.

However, I can see a lack of logic here, because what are WZeLe and Zielonka in the defense company for? Perhaps this is not illogical, but this is one’s business. Overall, this is a very interesting business with Polish and foreign interesting characters involved. One can guess what characters I have in mind. But the “next episode” will show this – of course, if the situation allows.

Personally, I think that everything can stay as it is. Because each party will use all its strength to achieve the intended objectives, thus there will be not enough energy to push through their own position. It’s obvious that the so-called status quo satisfies the majority.



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