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The consolidation of the Polish defence industry reminds a mythical creature. Everywhere you hear about it, but no one saw him. I still sustain my view previously expressed that there will be no consolidation. Bumar is only interested – sorry, I’ve forgot PHO, maybe Ministry of Treasury and no one else. As is well known the Ministry of National Defence wouldn’t give back their renovation companies, which besides generated pretty big profit. HSW has a pseudo- imperial ambitions.
I wonder who is behind this? Isn’t by chance this significant company from the Mediterranean Sea, which heads are training in opening the bottles of champagne under the name which begins with the letter … ? My memory failed me.

On our Polish site probably there will be some funds, companies or persons, for which this situation suits. The situation – more accurate phrase would be a mess, but maybe it will be too subtle .

As the rumours say, there’s a new idea for consolidation and some people puzzled where to get 100 or 200 millionth zlotys – the details in next episodes. On the whole the idea is quite interesting.

I allowed myself to briefly analyse it, and as a result I estimated that in the Polish conditions the implementation of it will continue for two or even three years. All this , however, leaves behind itself a big question.

Continuing the subject of pseudo – imperial ambitions of HSW. Unfortunately, our weapon, designed to anticipate the hit of enemy with rockets Iskander, which are  worthless – cracks after several (apparently two or three ) shots. And how to shoot the enemy positions?

HSW put the blame on poor Łabędy. Perhaps rightly, but the final producer or constructor is liable for the proper quality of the arms. So HSW is producer and constructor in both cases.
In addition, how it’s follows from the unofficial denunciations, also the tower cannot stand the burden. The strategists who demanded a specific undercarriage, not of tank are partially liable for this. I am ready for make a bet on case of champagne that the cost of repairs and cost of modernization will cause that the contract will be significantly “below the line” unless all responsibility will be shifted on Łabędy. In such circumstances, in their place, I would firmly defend myself.

I think HSW will be full of Jelcz. In my opinion, its purchase  is a great investment. I wonder also  who will deliver the armour and the more complex systems for Jelcz, which are likely to win the vast majority of tenders for trucks. Again, I am ready place a bet that it will be a concern from … about  which I ventured to mention at the beginning of this text.

Pursuing the theme of the great weapons – well, it turned out that missiles Spike are worthless.

Not because of the fact that that launched in Poland they pulled behind a trail of smoke, which expose the shooter to a retaliatory enemy fire but they also don’t pierce the armour thicker than 600mm. According to the Russian military sites new versions of T -90, as well as T – 72BM and T-80 which are modernized have the front armour in so called equivalent of 900-1000 mm. Thus, there is no chance to destroy the tank of potential enemy, which for this moment is the only one. It comes to my mind still the question of this retaliatory enemy fire. I’m not an expert, but I doubt that Rosomak stand the hit of bullet of 125mm. Who commits so many negligence?

Minister Siemoniak posted on Twitter his statement, in which he promised that the people whose task was to check Spike missiles, will “confess” before SKW and before other authorities, and the guilty will certainly bear responsibility. It is a pity that the promises made ​​on Twitter are forgotten after a few days. In my opinion, it borders on a miracle to convicting someone for “negligence” of verifying the Spike missiles exclusively on the military training area in Israel, and not in Polish conditions.
At this point few questions come to my mind. If after the purchase of missiles no one conduct shooting on the military training area in our country? However if it was carried out, as press reported, and if therefore someone neglected to inform about the defects of the product ? Who, when and who didn’t notify? Why no one lodged a complaint against the faulty product during the warranty period? Certainly it was fault of everyone including current chefs of MON!

The game between MON and Rafael is going to be exciting. In the background Mesko which survived thanks to this contract is hanging in the balance. Rafael has several options to choose – from unconditional surrender to hard defence, interspersed with contracts. Probably they make a choice based on the cold business calculation of Polish market and its importance for the concern.
I have the impression that the local competition of Rafael contributed to this situation. But what for ?

It sounds a bit ironic, but in this situation, nothing remains for our army but to make a request to the company on street Stromynki 27 in Moscow for sale an adequate number of Kornet missiles – they were up to the combat task in 2006 in Lebanon.

At the end, I would like to bring a subject of transfer of the offset to the MON. Our government has decided that the old offset’s contracts are staying in the Ministry of Economy. The new contracts which were concluded after relevant statutory changes, will be under MON’s supervision. So it will come to fruition for what was striving the European Commission, acting in the interests of the defence industry of Germany and France. In Poland, the offset will die over time. Even if MON called the new Act – the Act on industrial co-operation, or otherwise, in practice it would not certainly support the Polish arms industry. I will write about this in the next publications.


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